BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastergit-gerrit-mirror: add --all to gerrit ls-projectsKelley Spoon39 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
39 hoursgit-gerrit-mirror: add --all to gerrit ls-projectsHEADmasterKelley Spoon
2018-06-04GerritMirror: remove prune from pushKelley Spoon
2018-05-31GerritMirror: add prune options to fetch and pushKelley Spoon
2017-04-04cron-runner: Add umask ruleBen Copeland
2016-05-19git-gerrit-mirror: --name option to gerrit create-project removed in 2.12.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-18git-gerrit-mirror: Create projects locally only for local repo_root.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-07git-gerrit-mirror: Allow to pick manifest from a mirrored repo.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-06git-gerrit-mirror: Make "create" command work for "repo_root" destination.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-06git-gerrit-mirror: Allow to create more than one mirror of the same host.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-11-12oops: fix last changeAndy Doan