BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate sources URL (quantal -> raring)Fathi Boudra6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-05-06Update sources URL (quantal -> raring)HEADmasterFathi Boudra
2013-01-28switch iks to new hwpack formatRiku Voipio
2012-12-27quote mmc_id to be interpreted as a string (LP: #1085412)Fathi Boudra
2012-11-30fix nameRiku Voipio
2012-11-30switch mp to v3 formatRiku Voipio
2012-11-30Switch to QuantalFathi Boudra
2012-11-30update to latestRiku Voipio
2012-11-17Disable updates/security repositoriesFathi Boudra
2012-11-14add rt-tests sysbenchRiku Voipio
2012-10-23bump kernel versionRiku Voipio