AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-06change to branch linux-linaro-lng-v3.14-rtHEADmasterAnders Roxell
2014-09-30bump toolchain version to 14.09Anders Roxell
2014-09-01bump toolchain version to 14.08Anders Roxell
2014-08-07bump to Linaro GCC release 14.07Anders Roxell
2014-07-14use rootfs built with gcc 4.9Anders Roxell
2014-06-30bump to Linaro GCC release 14.06Anders Roxell
2014-06-30create a variable for GCC_VERSIONAnders Roxell
2014-06-26remove -le from IMAGE_URLAnders Roxell
2014-06-02create a new directory for new tc releasesAnders Roxell
2014-06-02bump GCC version to 4.9Anders Roxell
2014-06-02bump to Linaro GCC release 14.05Anders Roxell
2014-05-22add kernel version as a variableAnders Roxell
2014-05-06make toolchain release a variableAnders Roxell
2014-05-02bump to Linaro GCC release 14.04Anders Roxell
2014-03-28bump to Linaro GCC release 14.03Anders Roxell
2014-03-21linux-lng-preempt-rt: change from bzr to git lci-build-toolsAnders Roxell
2014-03-14bump to Linaro GCC release 14.02Anders Roxell
2014-03-14add make_bootwrapper=falseAnders Roxell
2014-02-17change metadata_url to look in workspaceAnders Roxell
2014-02-04bump to Linaro GCC release 14.01Anders Roxell
2014-01-21bump to Linaro GCC release 13.12Anders Roxell
2014-01-08reorder LAVA_TEST_PLAN testsAnders Roxell
2013-12-18change board_types to lng-arndaleAnders Roxell
2013-12-18Fix rootfs URL: jenkins slave label is 'build'Fathi Boudra
2013-12-16remove benchmark testsAnders Roxell
2013-12-13change to toolchain 2013.11Anders Roxell
2013-12-13change device_type to lng-arndaleAnders Roxell
2013-12-12l-m-c: use the apt-get installed versionAnders Roxell
2013-12-09fix to only say le or be in metadata.jsonAnders Roxell
2013-12-09adding extra metadata to LAVA, be and linux-hashAnders Roxell
2013-12-04add nohz-isolation to LAVA_TEST_PLANAnders Roxell
2013-12-04bug: HWPACK_FILE_NAME change hwpack -> hwpack_typeAnders Roxell
2013-12-04change DEVICE_TYPE to use board_typesAnders Roxell
2013-11-29add kvm-benchmark to LAVA_TEST_PLANAnders Roxell
2013-11-29add bigendian support for ArndaleAnders Roxell
2013-10-25add lmbench to LAVA_TEST_PLANAnders Roxell
2013-10-21re-enable no_hz_full.conf on the linux-lng-preempt-rt kernelAnders Roxell
2013-10-18linaro-media-create fix for fastmodel (armv8)Anders Roxell
2013-10-09fix wrong hwpack_typeAnders Roxell
2013-10-07add support for armv8Anders Roxell
2013-10-07fix order of config fragmentsAnders Roxell
2013-10-02change from linaro-base64 to hugepageAnders Roxell
2013-09-30Submit LAVA jobs to arndale device typeAnders Roxell
2013-09-30sUpdate toolchain to Linaro GCC 4.8-2013.09 releaseAnders Roxell
2013-09-27Submit LAVA jobs to lng-arndale device typeFathi Boudra
2013-09-25enable THPAnders Roxell
2013-09-25added kvm to LAVA_TEST_PLANAnders Roxell
2013-09-24enlarge the img file to 3GAnders Roxell
2013-09-09Update lava test plan: add hackbenchFathi Boudra
2013-08-28Bundle stream is now publicFathi Boudra