BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchange to branch linux-linaro-lng-v3.14-rtAnders Roxell5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-06change to branch linux-linaro-lng-v3.14-rtHEADmasterAnders Roxell
2014-09-30bump toolchain version to 14.09Anders Roxell
2014-09-01bump toolchain version to 14.08Anders Roxell
2014-08-07bump to Linaro GCC release 14.07Anders Roxell
2014-07-14use rootfs built with gcc 4.9Anders Roxell
2014-06-30bump to Linaro GCC release 14.06Anders Roxell
2014-06-30create a variable for GCC_VERSIONAnders Roxell
2014-06-26remove -le from IMAGE_URLAnders Roxell
2014-06-02create a new directory for new tc releasesAnders Roxell
2014-06-02bump GCC version to 4.9Anders Roxell