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2014-06-25Remove current CPU mpidr from PSCI common codeAndrew Thoelke
Many of the interfaces internal to PSCI pass the current CPU MPIDR_EL1 value from function to function. This is not required, and with inline access to the system registers is less efficient than requiring the code to read that register whenever required. This patch remove the mpidr parameter from the affected interfaces and reduces code in FVP BL3-1 size by 160 bytes. Change-Id: I16120a7c6944de37232016d7e109976540775602
2014-06-24Merge pull request #152 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tf-issues/073-v2danh-arm
Remove all checkpatch errors from codebase
2014-06-24Merge pull request #147 from athoelke/at/remove-bakery-mpidrdanh-arm
Remove calling CPU mpidr from bakery lock API
2014-06-24Remove all checkpatch errors from codebaseJuan Castillo
Exclude stdlib files because they do not follow kernel code style. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#73 Change-Id: I4cfafa38ab436f5ab22c277cb38f884346a267ab
2014-06-23Remove calling CPU mpidr from bakery lock APIAndrew Thoelke
The bakery lock code currently expects the calling code to pass the MPIDR_EL1 of the current CPU. This is not always done correctly. Also the change to provide inline access to system registers makes it more efficient for the bakery lock code to obtain the MPIDR_EL1 directly. This change removes the mpidr parameter from the bakery lock interface, and results in a code reduction of 160 bytes for the ARM FVP port. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#213 Change-Id: I7ec7bd117bcc9794a0d948990fcf3336a367d543
2014-06-23Eliminate psci_suspend_context arrayAndrew Thoelke
psci_suspend_context is an array of cache-line aligned structures containing the single power_state integer per cpu. This array is the only structure indexed by the aff_map_node.data integer. This patch saves 2KB of BL3-1 memory by placing the CPU power_state value directly in the aff_map_node structure. As a result, this value is now never cached and the cache clean when writing the value is no longer required. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#195 Change-Id: Ib4c70c8f79eed295ea541e7827977a588a19ef9b
2014-06-23Initialise CPU contexts from entry_point_infoAndrew Thoelke
Consolidate all BL3-1 CPU context initialization for cold boot, PSCI and SPDs into two functions: * The first uses entry_point_info to initialize the relevant cpu_context for first entry into a lower exception level on a CPU * The second populates the EL1 and EL2 system registers as needed from the cpu_context to ensure correct entry into the lower EL This patch alters the way that BL3-1 determines which exception level is used when first entering EL1 or EL2 during cold boot - this is now fully determined by the SPSR value in the entry_point_info for BL3-3, as set up by the platform code in BL2 (or otherwise provided to BL3-1). In the situation that EL1 (or svc mode) is selected for a processor that supports EL2, the context management code will now configure all essential EL2 register state to ensure correct execution of EL1. This allows the platform code to run non-secure EL1 payloads directly without requiring a small EL2 stub or OS loader. Change-Id: If9fbb2417e82d2226e47568203d5a369f39d3b0f
2014-06-11Provide cm_get/set_context() for current CPUAndrew Thoelke
All callers of cm_get_context() pass the calling CPU MPIDR to the function. Providing a specialised version for the current CPU results in a reduction in code size and better readability. The current function has been renamed to cm_get_context_by_mpidr() and the existing name is now used for the current-CPU version. The same treatment has been done to cm_set_context(), although only both forms are used at present in the PSCI and TSPD code. Change-Id: I91cb0c2f7bfcb950a045dbd9ff7595751c0c0ffb
2014-05-23Split platform.h into separate headersDan Handley
Previously, platform.h contained many declarations and definitions used for different purposes. This file has been split so that: * Platform definitions used by common code that must be defined by the platform are now in platform_def.h. The exact include path is exported through $PLAT_INCLUDES in the platform makefile. * Platform definitions specific to the FVP platform are now in /plat/fvp/fvp_def.h. * Platform API declarations specific to the FVP platform are now in /plat/fvp/fvp_private.h. * The remaining platform API declarations that must be ported by each platform are still in platform.h but this file has been moved to /include/plat/common since this can be shared by all platforms. Change-Id: Ieb3bb22fbab3ee8027413c6b39a783534aee474a
2014-05-23Remove unused data declarationsDan Handley
Some data variables were declared but not used. These have been removed. Change-Id: I038632af3c32d88984cd25b886c43ff763269bf9
2014-05-22Introduce macros to manipulate the SPSRVikram Kanigiri
This patch introduces macros (SPSR_64 and SPSR_32) to create a SPSR for both aarch32 and aarch64 execution states. These macros allow the user to set fields in the SPSR depending upon its format. The make_spsr() function which did not allow manipulation of all the fields in the aarch32 SPSR has been replaced by these new macros. Change-Id: I9425dda0923e8d5f03d03ddb8fa0e28392c4c61e
2014-05-06Remove variables from .data sectionDan Handley
Update code base to remove variables from the .data section, mainly by using const static data where possible and adding the const specifier as required. Most changes are to the IO subsystem, including the framework APIs. The FVP power management code is also affected. Delay initialization of the global static variable, next_image_type in bl31_main.c, until it is realy needed. Doing this moves the variable from the .data to the .bss section. Also review the IO interface for inconsistencies, using uintptr_t where possible instead of void *. Remove the io_handle and io_dev_handle typedefs, which were unnecessary, replacing instances with uintptr_t. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#107. Change-Id: I085a62197c82410b566e4698e5590063563ed304
2014-05-06Reduce deep nesting of header filesDan Handley
Reduce the number of header files included from other header files as much as possible without splitting the files. Use forward declarations where possible. This allows removal of some unnecessary "#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__" statements. Also, review the .c and .S files for which header files really need including and reorder the #include statements alphabetically. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#31 Change-Id: Iec92fb976334c77453e010b60bcf56f3be72bd3e
2014-05-06Always use named structs in header filesDan Handley
Add tag names to all unnamed structs in header files. This allows forward declaration of structs, which is necessary to reduce header file nesting (to be implemented in a subsequent commit). Also change the typedef names across the codebase to use the _t suffix to be more conformant with the Linux coding style. The coding style actually prefers us not to use typedefs at all but this is considered a step too far for Trusted Firmware. Also change the IO framework structs defintions to use typedef'd structs to be consistent with the rest of the codebase. Change-Id: I722b2c86fc0d92e4da3b15e5cab20373dd26786f
2014-05-06Make use of user/system includes more consistentDan Handley
Make codebase consistent in its use of #include "" syntax for user includes and #include <> syntax for system includes. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#65 Change-Id: If2f7c4885173b1fd05ac2cde5f1c8a07000c7a33
2014-04-29Preserve PSCI cpu_suspend 'power_state' parameter.Vikram Kanigiri
This patch saves the 'power_state' parameter prior to suspending a cpu and invalidates it upon its resumption. The 'affinity level' and 'state id' fields of this parameter can be read using a set of public and private apis. Validation of power state parameter is introduced which checks for SBZ bits are zero. This change also takes care of flushing the parameter from the cache to main memory. This ensures that it is available after cpu reset when the caches and mmu are turned off. The earlier support for saving only the 'affinity level' field of the 'power_state' parameter has also been reworked. Fixes ARM-Software/tf-issues#26 Fixes ARM-Software/tf-issues#130 Change-Id: Ic007ccb5e39bf01e0b67390565d3b4be33f5960a
2014-03-20Implement ARM Standard ServiceJeenu Viswambharan
This patch implements ARM Standard Service as a runtime service and adds support for call count, UID and revision information SMCs. The existing PSCI implementation is subsumed by the Standard Service calls and all PSCI calls are therefore dispatched by the Standard Service to the PSCI handler. At present, PSCI is the only specification under Standard Service. Thus call count returns the number of PSCI calls implemented. As this is the initial implementation, a revision number of 0.1 is returned for call revision. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#62 Change-Id: I6d4273f72ad6502636efa0f872e288b191a64bc1