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authorAndrew Thoelke <andrew.thoelke@arm.com>2014-06-20 00:38:03 +0100
committerAndrew Thoelke <andrew.thoelke@arm.com>2014-06-23 14:56:12 +0100
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Eliminate psci_suspend_context array
psci_suspend_context is an array of cache-line aligned structures containing the single power_state integer per cpu. This array is the only structure indexed by the aff_map_node.data integer. This patch saves 2KB of BL3-1 memory by placing the CPU power_state value directly in the aff_map_node structure. As a result, this value is now never cached and the cache clean when writing the value is no longer required. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#195 Change-Id: Ib4c70c8f79eed295ea541e7827977a588a19ef9b
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diff --git a/services/std_svc/psci/psci_common.c b/services/std_svc/psci/psci_common.c
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--- a/services/std_svc/psci/psci_common.c
+++ b/services/std_svc/psci/psci_common.c
@@ -46,13 +46,6 @@
const spd_pm_ops_t *psci_spd_pm;
- * Arrays that contains information needs to resume a cpu's execution when woken
- * out of suspend or off states. Each cpu is allocated a single entry in each
- * array during startup.
- ******************************************************************************/
-suspend_context_t psci_suspend_context[PSCI_NUM_AFFS];
* Grand array that holds the platform's topology information for state
* management of affinity instances. Each node (aff_map_node) in the array
* corresponds to an affinity instance e.g. cluster, cpu within an mpidr