BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fvp-basejuno: Added Juno EULA and BL30 binaryRyan Harkin5 years
integrationRemove change log instructions from contribution.mdDan Handley5 years
junojuno: Added Juno EULA, BL30 and BL33 binariesRyan Harkin5 years
linaroRemove change log instructions from contribution.mdDan Handley5 years
masterMerge pull request #154 from athoelke/at/inline-mmioAndrew Thoelke5 years
ryan-issue-41-v2fvp: plat_io_storage: remove duplicated codeRyan Harkin5 years
ryan-issue-42-v2bl_common: add image_size()Ryan Harkin5 years
tixy-issue-19fvp: Make use of the generic MMU translation table setup codeJon Medhurst5 years
tixy-issue-30Enable platforms to omit some bootloadersJon Medhurst5 years
tixy-issue-33Generate build time and date message at link time.Jon Medhurst5 years
v0.4-Juno-0.5arm-trusted-firmware-0.4-Juno-0.5.tar.gz  Achin Gupta5 years
v0.3-Junoarm-trusted-firmware-0.3-Juno.tar.gz  Sandrine Bailleux5 years
v0.2arm-trusted-firmware-0.2.tar.gz  James Morrissey6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-02-20Fix semihosting with latest toolchainryan-issue-10-v2Ryan Harkin
2014-02-17Increase coherent stack sizesAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Add support for handling runtime service requestsJeenu Viswambharan
2014-02-17Introduce new exception handling frameworkAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Add runtime services frameworkAchin Gupta
2014-02-17psci: Use context library for preserving EL3 stateAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Add context management libraryAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Add helper library for cpu context managementAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Setup VBAR_EL3 incrementallyAchin Gupta
2014-02-17Fix spilled-over BL1 exception vectorJeenu Viswambharan