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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-23Cleanup whitespace errors.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Enforce supported cluster setup during build process.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Debug S&R cp14: Added helper functions and their prototypesAchin Gupta
2012-05-23vsm: changed HVC calling convention.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23Introduce BOOT_CLUSTER to the switcher.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Change default ASYNC to FALSE.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Set FM_BETA to false.v2.3Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Change file mode for 100755 to 100644 for various source files.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Debug: Added support for Save & Restore of v7 Debug contextDietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Generic IPI support for Virtualizer communicationDietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Introduce a trap handler for KFSCB accesses.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-10Update Copyright information.Dietmar Eggemann
2011-12-20Updated to release v2.1.Robin Randhawa
2011-10-12Initial commit of the virtualizer v2.0 release.Robin Randhawa